25 Cute Ikea Mammut Stools Ideas For Kids Rooms

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30 Cute IKEA Mammut Stools Ideas For Kids’ Rooms DigsDigs


Kids’ rooms are not just spaces for sleeping and playing; they are also areas where children can express their creativity and personality. When it comes to furniture for kids’ rooms, Ikea has always been a popular choice. One of their standout products is the Ikea Mammut stool, which not only provides a functional seating solution but also adds a touch of cuteness to any kids’ room. In this article, we will explore 25 adorable Ikea Mammut stool ideas that will surely inspire you to create a delightful space for your little ones.

1. Colorful Stools for a Playful Vibe

One of the best things about the Ikea Mammut stool is the wide range of colors available. From vibrant reds and blues to soft pastels, you can find a stool that matches your child’s room perfectly. Mix and match different colors to create a playful and energetic vibe in the room.

2. Animal-Themed Stools for Animal Lovers

If your child is an animal lover, why not incorporate their favorite animals into their room design? Ikea Mammut stools come in various animal-themed designs, such as ladybugs, frogs, and elephants. These adorable stools will surely bring a smile to your child’s face every time they sit on them.

3. Personalized Stools with Name Tags

Make your child feel special by personalizing their Ikea Mammut stool with their name. You can easily attach a name tag to the backrest of the stool, adding a personal touch to their seating area. It’s a small detail that can make a big difference in making your child feel loved and valued.

4. Stools with Storage Space

Storage is always a challenge in kids’ rooms, but Ikea has got you covered. The Mammut stool comes with a hollow interior that can be used to store small toys, books, or even clothes. This feature not only provides a practical storage solution but also encourages your child to keep their room tidy and organized.

5. Stools as Side Tables

Don’t limit the use of Ikea Mammut stools to just seating. They can also double as side tables for your child’s bed or reading nook. Simply place a stool next to their bed and use it to hold a lamp, books, or a glass of water. It’s a versatile piece of furniture that adds functionality to the room.

6. Stools as Plant Stands

Add a touch of nature to your child’s room by using Ikea Mammut stools as plant stands. Place a small potted plant on top of the stool and let your child take care of it. Not only does it beautify the room, but it also teaches your child about responsibility and nurturing.

7. Stools as Step Stools

If your child needs a little boost to reach the sink or shelves, the Mammut stool can serve as a safe and sturdy step stool. Its design ensures stability, and the non-slip surface provides extra grip. It’s a practical addition to any bathroom or kitchen.

8. Stools for Outdoor Play

The Ikea Mammut stool is not just limited to indoor use. Its durable and weather-resistant material makes it suitable for outdoor play as well. Whether it’s for a picnic in the backyard or a day at the beach, these stools can provide comfortable seating for your child.

9. Stools for Group Activities

If your child loves hosting playdates or group activities, having a few Ikea Mammut stools on hand can be a great idea. They are lightweight and easy to move around, allowing children to gather around a table or sit in a circle comfortably.


The Ikea Mammut stool is not just a piece of furniture; it’s a versatile and adorable addition to any kids’ room. With its wide range of colors and designs, you can easily find a stool that suits your child’s taste and personality. Whether it’s for seating, storage, or adding a touch of cuteness, these stools are sure to bring joy and functionality to your child’s space.