Hack Ikea Regolit Lampshades: Transform Your Lighting With These Creative Ideas

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25 Easy Ways To Hack IKEA Regolit Lampshades DigsDigs


Ikea Regolit lampshades are a popular choice for many people looking to add a touch of style and elegance to their homes. These affordable lampshades are not only functional but also provide a blank canvas for creative individuals to personalize and customize according to their preferences. In this article, we will explore some innovative ideas and hacks to transform your Ikea Regolit lampshade into a unique and eye-catching piece.

1. Paint and Stencil

One of the simplest ways to transform your Ikea Regolit lampshade is by using paint and stencils. Choose a color that complements your existing decor and carefully paint the lampshade using a sponge brush or spray paint. Once the base coat is dry, you can use stencils to add patterns or designs to create a more personalized look.

2. Add Fabric

If you want to add texture and visual interest to your lampshade, consider adding fabric. Choose a fabric that matches your decor and cut it into strips or shapes. Use fabric glue or a hot glue gun to attach the fabric to the lampshade, overlapping the edges for a seamless look. This hack not only adds a pop of color but also softens the light emitted from the lamp.

3. Decorate with Ribbon or Trim

Ribbons and trims are versatile materials that can instantly elevate the look of your Ikea Regolit lampshade. Choose a ribbon or trim that complements your decor and wrap it around the top and bottom edges of the lampshade. You can also create patterns or designs by crisscrossing different ribbons or trims.

4. Create a Pendant Lamp

If you want to take your Ikea Regolit lampshade to the next level, consider transforming it into a pendant lamp. Purchase a pendant light kit from your local hardware store and carefully follow the instructions to attach it to the top of the lampshade. Hang the pendant lamp from the ceiling using a sturdy hook, and enjoy the warm and cozy ambience it creates.

5. Add Decorative Elements

Another way to personalize your Ikea Regolit lampshade is by adding decorative elements such as beads, buttons, or crystals. Use a hot glue gun to attach these elements to the lampshade, creating patterns or designs that reflect your personal style. This hack allows you to create a one-of-a-kind lampshade that will surely be a conversation starter.

6. Create a Bohemian Look

If you love the bohemian style, you can easily incorporate it into your Ikea Regolit lampshade. Attach macrame or crochet lace to the lampshade using a hot glue gun, creating a beautiful and intricate design. The soft and delicate look of the lace will give your lampshade a boho-chic vibe that is perfect for a cozy and relaxed atmosphere.

7. Make it Glow in the Dark

Add a touch of magic to your Ikea Regolit lampshade by making it glow in the dark. Purchase glow-in-the-dark paint from a craft store and carefully apply it to the lampshade using a sponge brush. Charge the paint under a bright light source and enjoy the ethereal glow it emits once the lights are turned off.

8. Create a Nature-inspired Lampshade

Bring the beauty of nature indoors by creating a nature-inspired lampshade. Attach artificial flowers, leaves, or branches to the lampshade using a hot glue gun, creating a whimsical and enchanting look. This hack is perfect for adding a touch of freshness and vibrancy to any room in your home.

9. Personalize with Photos

If you want to showcase your favorite memories, consider personalizing your Ikea Regolit lampshade with photos. Print out your favorite pictures and carefully attach them to the lampshade using double-sided tape or glue dots. This hack allows you to create a unique and sentimental piece that will remind you of cherished moments every time you turn on the light.


With a little creativity and imagination, you can transform your Ikea Regolit lampshade into a statement piece that reflects your personal style. Whether you choose to paint, add fabric, or incorporate decorative elements, these hacks will surely breathe new life into your lighting fixtures. So go ahead, unleash your inner designer, and let your imagination run wild!