Striped Accent Walls In 2023

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An accent wall in gold stripes makes this neutral girl's bedroom pop

One of the latest trends in interior design for 2023 is the use of striped accent walls. This versatile and visually appealing design element can add depth, character, and a touch of modernity to any space. Whether you want to create a bold statement or add a subtle visual interest, striped accent walls offer endless possibilities. In this article, we will explore frequently asked questions, tips, and ideas for incorporating striped accent walls into your home.

What are Striped Accent Walls?

Striped accent walls are walls that feature vertical or horizontal stripes of different colors or shades. These stripes can vary in width, spacing, and direction, depending on the desired effect. They can be painted directly on the wall or created using wallpaper or wall decals. Striped accent walls can be used in any room of the house, from the living room to the bedroom, and even in bathrooms and kitchens.

Why Choose Striped Accent Walls?

Striped accent walls offer several advantages. Firstly, they add visual interest and dimension to a space, making it more dynamic. They can also create the illusion of height or width, depending on the direction of the stripes. Additionally, striped accent walls can be used to emphasize architectural features or to divide a room into different zones. They also provide an opportunity to experiment with different color combinations, allowing you to create a unique and personalized look for your home.

Tips for Creating Striped Accent Walls

1. Choose the Right Colors

When selecting colors for your striped accent walls, consider the overall color scheme of the room. Opt for colors that complement or contrast with the existing decor. If you want to create a subtle look, choose shades from the same color family. For a bolder statement, mix contrasting colors.

2. Consider the Room’s Size

The size of the room should also influence your choice of stripes. In smaller rooms, narrower stripes can create the illusion of more space. Conversely, wider stripes can add drama and impact to larger rooms.

3. Experiment with Different Stripe Directions

Horizontal stripes can make a room appear wider, while vertical stripes can create the illusion of height. Consider the dimensions and layout of the room when deciding on the direction of the stripes.

4. Start with a Test Wall

If you’re unsure about committing to a full striped accent wall, start with a smaller test wall. This will allow you to see how the colors and patterns work in your space before tackling a larger wall.

5. Use Painter’s Tape for Clean Lines

To achieve clean and crisp lines, use painter’s tape to mark the edges of the stripes. This will ensure a professional-looking finish.


Striped accent walls are a popular trend in interior design for 2023. They offer a versatile and visually appealing way to add character and depth to any room. By following the tips and ideas mentioned in this article, you can create a stunning striped accent wall that enhances the overall aesthetic of your home.