How To Reuse Old Shutters: Creative Ideas For 2023

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50+ Creative Ideas to Recycle Old Shutters for Home Decor


Old shutters are not only functional but also provide a unique charm to any space. Instead of throwing them away, why not repurpose them and give them a new lease of life? In this article, we will explore creative ideas on how to reuse old shutters in 2023.

1. Create a Rustic Headboard

Transform your bedroom into a cozy retreat by repurposing old shutters as a headboard. Sand them down, paint them in your desired color, and attach them to the wall behind your bed. The rustic charm of the shutters will add character to your room.

2. Build a Vertical Garden

Turn your old shutters into a vertical garden and bring some greenery into your space. Attach the shutters to a wall or fence, add pots or planters, and voila – you have a unique and space-saving garden.

3. Make a Decorative Room Divider

Separate spaces in an open floor plan by repurposing shutters as a decorative room divider. Paint them in a color that complements your interior design and add hinges to connect the panels. This will create a visually appealing division without compromising the flow of the space.

4. Craft a Shutter Shelf

Give your wall a functional and decorative touch by repurposing shutters into a shelf. Attach the shutters horizontally to the wall, add a wooden plank on top, and you have a unique storage solution for displaying books, plants, or decorative items.

5. Create a Shutter Photo Display

Showcase your favorite memories by transforming old shutters into a photo display. Attach strings or wires to the slats of the shutters and use clothespins to hang your photos. This DIY project adds a personal touch to any room.

6. Design a Shutter Organizer

Keep your entryway or kitchen organized by repurposing shutters as an organizer. Attach hooks or knobs to hang keys, coats, or kitchen utensils. You can also add small baskets or shelves to store mail or other essentials.

7. Build a Shutter Table

Create a unique and functional side table by repurposing old shutters. Attach four shutters together to form a square or rectangular shape, and add a wooden or glass top. This DIY project will be a conversation starter in your living room.

8. Make a Shutter Bulletin Board

Turn an old shutter into a bulletin board for your home office or kitchen. Paint it in a vibrant color, add corkboard or pegboard to the panels, and hang it on the wall. Pin important notes, memos, or recipes for easy access.

9. Craft a Shutter Wall Art

Transform your old shutters into a piece of wall art. Paint them in coordinating colors, arrange them in an interesting pattern, and hang them on a blank wall. This DIY project adds a touch of creativity and dimension to your space.


Don’t let your old shutters go to waste. Get creative and repurpose them into functional and decorative items for your home. Whether it’s a rustic headboard, a vertical garden, or a unique room divider, there are countless ways to reuse old shutters in 2023. Let your imagination run wild and give your shutters a new lease of life!