How To Blend His And Her Decor

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How to Blend Two Different Decor Styles in One Home, According to

How to Blend His and Her Decor


When two people move in together or get married, merging their individual styles and preferences can be a challenge. However, creating a harmonious blend of his and her decor is possible with some thoughtful planning and compromise. In this article, we will provide some tips and ideas on how to successfully combine different design elements to create a space that both partners can enjoy.

1. Start with a Neutral Base

One way to create a cohesive look is to start with a neutral base. Choose a neutral color palette for the walls, flooring, and larger furniture pieces. Neutrals such as whites, grays, and beiges provide a versatile backdrop that can easily accommodate different styles and preferences.

2. Incorporate Both Personal Styles

It’s important to incorporate elements from both partners’ personal styles in the decor. This can be done through artwork, accessories, and smaller furniture pieces. For example, if one partner prefers a more modern aesthetic while the other leans towards traditional, try to find common ground by selecting pieces that showcase both styles.

3. Find a Balance

Striking a balance between masculine and feminine elements is key when blending his and her decor. This can be achieved by mixing materials, textures, and patterns. For instance, if one partner prefers leather furniture, balance it out with softer fabrics like velvet or silk. Similarly, if one partner likes bold patterns, offset them with more subtle prints or solids.

4. Create Zones

Dividing the space into zones can help accommodate different tastes and activities. Each partner can have their own designated area where they can express their individual style. For example, one partner’s zone could be a cozy reading nook with a vintage armchair, while the other partner’s zone could be a home office with a sleek and modern desk.

5. Compromise on Colors

Colors play a significant role in decor, and finding a color scheme that both partners agree on can be challenging. Try to compromise by selecting a combination of colors that complement each other. This could involve using a neutral color palette with pops of each partner’s favorite colors or opting for a color scheme that represents both partners’ preferences.

6. Merge Hobbies and Interests

Another way to blend his and her decor is by merging hobbies and interests. If one partner loves sports, incorporate sports memorabilia or artwork into the decor. If the other partner enjoys gardening, create a small indoor garden or display potted plants. By incorporating shared interests, the decor becomes a reflection of both partners’ personalities.

7. Seek Professional Advice

If blending his and her decor seems overwhelming, consider seeking advice from a professional interior designer. They can provide insights, suggest compromises, and help create a cohesive design plan that incorporates both partners’ preferences.

8. Embrace Individuality

While it’s important to find a balance and compromise, it’s also crucial to embrace individuality. Each partner should have a say in the decor and feel a sense of ownership. Encourage each other to express personal style through unique decor items or personal mementos that hold sentimental value.

9. Communication is Key

Above all, communication is key when blending his and her decor. Discuss preferences, compromises, and ideas openly with each other. By having open and honest conversations, you can ensure that both partners feel heard and involved in the design process.