5 Cool Ideas And 25 Examples Of Using Vintage Bottles In Decor

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Vintage bottles can add a touch of charm and elegance to any home decor. Whether you prefer a rustic, shabby chic, or eclectic style, vintage bottles can be incorporated in various ways to enhance the overall aesthetic. In this article, we will explore five cool ideas and provide 25 examples of how you can use vintage bottles to create stunning decor pieces.

1. Flower Vases

One of the most popular and versatile uses for vintage bottles is as flower vases. Their unique shapes and colors can add character to any floral arrangement. You can display a single stem or create a bouquet by combining different bottles of various sizes and heights. Place them on a windowsill, mantel, or dining table for a charming centerpiece.

2. Candle Holders

Vintage bottles can also be transformed into beautiful candle holders. Simply insert a candle into the bottle and let the soft glow create a romantic ambiance. You can use bottles of different colors, sizes, and shapes to create an eclectic display. Place them on a side table, shelf, or even hang them to add a touch of vintage charm to any space.

3. Terrariums

If you have a green thumb, consider using vintage bottles as terrariums. These miniature gardens can be created by filling the bottles with soil, rocks, and small plants. The clear glass allows you to see the beautiful ecosystem you’ve created. Hang them near a window or display them on a bookshelf to bring a touch of nature indoors.

4. Table Centerpieces

Vintage bottles can make stunning table centerpieces for special occasions or everyday use. Fill them with water and add floating candles, flower petals, or even colored stones. You can also tie a ribbon or twine around the neck of the bottle to add a personalized touch. These centerpieces will surely impress your guests and create a memorable dining experience.

5. Kitchen Storage

Vintage bottles can also be repurposed as stylish kitchen storage containers. Use them to store dried herbs, spices, or even homemade sauces and dressings. Label them with vintage-inspired tags or chalkboard paint to add a decorative element to your pantry or kitchen shelves.

Examples of Vintage Bottle Decor

1. Rustic Mantel Display

Arrange a collection of vintage bottles of different shapes and sizes on your mantel. Add some dried flowers or twigs for a rustic touch.

2. Boho Hanging Vases

Hang a cluster of vintage bottles from the ceiling or a rod using twine or colorful ribbons. Fill them with fresh or dried flowers for a bohemian-inspired look.

3. Vintage Bottle Wall Art

Mount vintage bottles on a wooden panel or frame and hang it on your wall. This unique piece of art will add character and interest to any room.

4. Retro-inspired Table Setting

Place vintage bottles with colorful labels or prints as part of your table setting. Pair them with vintage plates, silverware, and linens for a retro-inspired look.

5. Vintage Bottle Chandelier

Create a stunning chandelier by hanging vintage bottles from a metal frame or a rustic wooden plank. Add fairy lights for a magical touch.

6. Bathroom Storage

Use vintage bottles to store bathroom essentials like cotton balls, q-tips, or bath salts. Arrange them on a tray or shelf for a vintage-inspired bathroom decor.

7. Vintage Bottle Centerpiece

Fill vintage bottles with water and place a single flower stem in each bottle. Arrange them on a tray or a wooden board for a simple yet elegant centerpiece.

8. Vintage Bottle Bookends

Stack vintage bottles horizontally and use them as bookends. The unique shapes and colors will add visual interest to your bookshelf.

9. Beachy Bottle Display

Fill vintage bottles with sand, seashells, and small pieces of driftwood. Display them on a shelf or mantel for a coastal-inspired decor.

10. Vintage Bottle Terrariums

Create mini terrariums by filling vintage bottles with moss, small plants, and decorative rocks. Place them on a windowsill or hang them for a whimsical touch.

11. Vintage Bottle Picture Frames

Remove the bottom of a vintage bottle and use it as a unique picture frame. Insert a small photograph and display it on a side table or mantel.

12. Vintage Bottle Table Numbers

Label vintage bottles with table numbers and use them as part of your wedding or event decor. Fill them with flowers or fairy lights for an elegant touch.

13. Vintage Bottle Soap Dispensers

Transform vintage bottles into stylish soap dispensers. Fill them with liquid soap and attach a pump dispenser for a vintage-inspired bathroom or kitchen accessory.

14. Vintage Bottle Herb Garden

Grow herbs in vintage bottles by filling them with soil and planting small herb plants. Display them in your kitchen for easy access while adding a touch of greenery.

15. Vintage Bottle Message Center

Insert small notes or messages into vintage bottles and use them as a unique message center. Display them on a desk or entryway table.

16. Vintage Bottle Wall Sconces

Attach vintage bottles to the wall with metal brackets to create unique wall sconces. Place tea lights or candles inside for a cozy and romantic atmosphere.

17. Vintage Bottle Wind Chimes

Hang vintage bottles from a wooden or metal frame and let them chime with the wind. Paint the bottles in different colors to create a vibrant and whimsical display.

18. Vintage Bottle Artistic Arrangement

Arrange vintage bottles in a visually appealing pattern on a side table or shelf. Mix and match different shapes and sizes to create a unique artistic display.

19. Vintage Bottle Wedding Decor

Use vintage bottles as part of your wedding decor by filling them with flowers, fairy lights, or even table numbers. They will add a touch of vintage elegance to your special day.

20. Vintage Bottle Wall Vases

Mount vintage bottles on a wooden plank or frame and use them as wall vases. Fill them with fresh or dried flowers to create a stunning focal point.

21. Vintage Bottle Table Lamps

Transform vintage bottles into unique table lamps by adding a lamp kit and a shade. They will add a warm and nostalgic glow to any room.

22. Vintage Bottle Candle Lanterns

Create candle lanterns by inserting candles into vintage bottles. Hang them from tree branches or hooks to create a magical outdoor ambiance.

23. Vintage Bottle Incense Holders

Repurpose vintage bottles as incense holders by inserting incense sticks into the neck of the bottle. The smoke will create a calming and aromatic atmosphere.

24. Vintage Bottle Jewelry Holders

Place vintage bottles on a tray or shelf and use them to store and display your jewelry. The bottles’ unique shapes and colors will add a decorative element to your dressing area.

25. Vintage Bottle Wine Rack

Create a wine rack by stacking vintage bottles horizontally. This unique and functional piece will be a conversation starter in your home.


Vintage bottles offer endless possibilities when it comes to home decor. Whether you use them as flower vases, candle holders, or terrariums, they can add a touch of nostalgia and elegance to any space. Experiment with different ideas, mix and match, and let your creativity shine. With these five cool ideas and 25 examples, you’ll be well on your way to creating a stunning vintage bottle decor collection.