Creative Ways To Hide A Washing Machine In A Bathroom

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31 Creative Ways To Hide A Washing Machine In Your Home Bathroom


Having a washing machine in the bathroom can be convenient, especially for those who have limited space in their homes. However, it can also be an eyesore and disrupt the overall aesthetic of the bathroom. In this article, we will explore some creative ways to hide a washing machine in a bathroom, allowing you to maintain both functionality and style.

1. Built-in Cabinet

One popular option is to incorporate the washing machine into a built-in cabinet. This can be done by creating a custom cabinet that is designed to fit the dimensions of the washing machine. The cabinet can be painted or stained to match the existing bathroom decor, creating a seamless look.

2. Sliding Doors

If you prefer a more modern and sleek look, consider installing sliding doors to conceal the washing machine. These doors can be made from various materials such as glass, wood, or even metal. Sliding doors not only hide the washing machine but also give the bathroom a contemporary feel.

3. Curtain

For a budget-friendly option, hanging a curtain in front of the washing machine can be a great solution. Choose a curtain that complements the bathroom’s color scheme and style. This simple and inexpensive method allows easy access to the washing machine while keeping it out of sight when not in use.

4. Folding Screen

A folding screen is another versatile option to conceal a washing machine. These screens can be easily moved and adjusted, allowing you to hide the machine when needed and reveal it when necessary. Additionally, folding screens come in a variety of styles, patterns, and materials, making it easy to find one that suits your bathroom’s aesthetic.

5. Open Shelving

If you prefer a more minimalist and modern look, consider using open shelving to hide the washing machine. Install a series of shelves above or around the machine, and use them to display decorative items or store bathroom essentials. This way, the washing machine becomes a functional part of the bathroom’s design.

6. False Wall

For those who are willing to undertake a more extensive renovation, building a false wall can be a great option. A false wall can be constructed to hide the washing machine completely, creating a seamless appearance. This method may require professional assistance, but it can transform the bathroom into a stylish and functional space.

7. Camouflage with Tiles

If you have some basic DIY skills, consider using tiles to camouflage the washing machine. Choose tiles that match the bathroom’s existing tiles or create a unique pattern. By blending the washing machine into the surrounding tiles, it becomes less noticeable and more integrated into the overall design.

8. Under Sink Cabinet

If your bathroom has a sink with an exposed pedestal or pipes, consider installing an under sink cabinet that can also house the washing machine. This solution not only hides the machine but also provides additional storage space for bathroom essentials.


With a little creativity and planning, it is possible to hide a washing machine in a bathroom without compromising on style or functionality. Whether you choose to incorporate it into a built-in cabinet, use sliding doors, or camouflage it with tiles, these creative solutions will help you maintain a visually appealing bathroom while still having the convenience of a washing machine.