Modern Glass Cube Extension Of Victorian Terraced House

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Modern Glass Cube Extension of Victorian Terraced House

What is a Glass Cube Extension?

A glass cube extension is a modern architectural design concept that involves adding a glass structure to an existing building, such as a Victorian terraced house. This type of extension provides an elegant and contemporary aesthetic while allowing for an abundance of natural light to flow into the space.

Why Choose a Glass Cube Extension?

There are several reasons why homeowners may choose a glass cube extension for their Victorian terraced house:

  • Increased natural light: The large glass panels used in the extension allow for maximum sunlight penetration, creating a bright and airy living space.
  • Seamless connection to the outdoors: The transparent nature of the glass cube extension blurs the boundaries between indoor and outdoor spaces, providing a seamless connection to the garden or patio.
  • Modern design: Glass cube extensions offer a sleek and contemporary design that can complement the traditional Victorian architecture of the terraced house.
  • Added living space: The glass cube extension provides additional living space, which can be used as a dining area, home office, or a cozy lounge.
  • Energy efficiency: Modern glass panels are designed to be energy-efficient, providing insulation and reducing heat loss.

Key Features of a Glass Cube Extension

A glass cube extension typically incorporates the following key features:

  • Floor-to-ceiling glass panels: The extension is predominantly made up of large glass panels that allow for panoramic views and maximum natural light.
  • Minimalist framework: The supporting framework of the glass cube extension is typically minimalistic, with slim profiles to enhance the transparency of the structure.
  • Bi-fold or sliding doors: Glass cube extensions often feature bi-fold or sliding doors, providing easy access to the garden or patio and allowing for seamless indoor-outdoor living.
  • Structural stability: Despite the extensive use of glass, a glass cube extension is designed to be structurally stable and secure, meeting all necessary building regulations.

Considerations Before Adding a Glass Cube Extension

Before embarking on a glass cube extension project for your Victorian terraced house, there are a few important considerations to keep in mind:

  • Planning permission: Check with your local planning authority to determine if planning permission is required for the glass cube extension.
  • Building regulations: Ensure that the design and construction of the extension comply with all relevant building regulations.
  • Budget: Consider the cost implications of adding a glass cube extension, including materials, labor, and any additional features you may want to incorporate.
  • Professional advice: Consult with an architect or a building professional to assess the feasibility of the glass cube extension and to help with the design and construction process.


A glass cube extension can be a stunning addition to a Victorian terraced house, offering a modern and light-filled living space. With its seamless connection to the outdoors and contemporary design, it provides homeowners with an opportunity to enhance their living environment while respecting the historic charm of their property.