39 Fresh Green Thanksgiving Decor Ideas

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Thanksgiving is a time to gather with loved ones and give thanks for all the blessings in our lives. As we approach the holiday season in 2024, it’s the perfect time to start planning your Thanksgiving decor. This year, why not try something different and embrace the freshness of green in your decorations? In this article, we will explore 39 fresh green Thanksgiving decor ideas that will add a touch of elegance and nature to your festive celebrations.

1. Green Table Runner

Add a pop of green to your Thanksgiving table by using a green table runner. This simple yet effective decor piece will instantly create a fresh and vibrant look for your dining area. Pair it with neutral-colored tableware for a balanced and classy look.

2. Leafy Centerpieces

Instead of traditional flower arrangements, opt for leafy centerpieces for your Thanksgiving table. Use a variety of green foliage such as eucalyptus, ferns, and olive branches to create a lush and natural display. You can also incorporate small pumpkins or gourds for an added festive touch.

3. Green Place Settings

Add a touch of green to your place settings by using green napkins or napkin rings. Pair them with white or cream-colored plates and gold cutlery for an elegant and sophisticated look. You can also tie a sprig of greenery around the napkin for an extra special touch.

4. Herb-infused Candles

Create a cozy and inviting atmosphere by incorporating herb-infused candles into your Thanksgiving decor. Use candles scented with rosemary, sage, or lavender to add a pleasant fragrance to your space. Place them on your dining table or around the living area for a warm and festive ambiance.

5. Green Wreaths

Hang green wreaths on your front door or around your home to welcome guests with a touch of nature. Use a mix of green foliage and add small accents like pinecones or berries for a festive look. You can also incorporate a burlap ribbon for a rustic touch.

6. Moss Table Numbers

If you’re hosting a larger gathering, consider using moss table numbers to guide your guests to their seats. Cut numbers out of thick cardboard and cover them with moss for a unique and natural look. Place them in small pots or holders for stability.

7. Green Pumpkin Vases

Instead of carving pumpkins, hollow them out and use them as vases for your floral arrangements. Paint the pumpkins in shades of green and fill them with flowers or foliage that complement the color scheme. This creative idea will add a fresh and unexpected twist to your Thanksgiving decor.

8. Green Garland

Drape green garlands along staircases, mantels, or tables to create a lush and festive look. Use a mix of greenery like ivy, eucalyptus, and ferns to create a varied and textured display. You can also incorporate string lights or small ornaments for an extra touch of sparkle.

9. Green Tea Towels

Add a touch of green to your kitchen decor with green tea towels. Hang them on the oven handle or display them on the counter for a fresh and functional decor piece. You can also incorporate other green accents like herb pots or green utensils to complete the look.


This year, embrace the freshness of green in your Thanksgiving decor. From green table runners to leafy centerpieces, there are plenty of ways to incorporate this vibrant color into your festive celebrations. Whether you prefer a rustic or elegant look, these 39 fresh green Thanksgiving decor ideas will surely inspire you to create a memorable and stylish holiday atmosphere.