47 Latest Porch Design Ideas For Upgrade Exterior To Try

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Porch columns are great addition to the aesthetic of your home. They could add interest and style to uninteresting and simple porches. If you’re looking for approaches to enhance your home exterior, porch columns could be the perfect option.

Other than serving as important support to structures, columns likewise play a significant role on the visual appeal of the porch. These parts often match up the railings and ceilings to develop an overall look. Listed below are some of the most usual types of columns you can pick from.


Wooden porch columns may be found in mahogany, maple, oak, pine, cedar, teak, as well as redwood. You can buy wood columns having clean designs to suit a porch with very simple styles. Should you prefer a more lavish choice, go for wooden columns with hand carved designs. These are the best choices when you want to get a vintage appeal for the porch. If you want a fascinating contemporary style and design, you can actually select wooden columns combined with stones or bricks.


Aluminum columns come in unique designs to suit your overall porch design. This material goes efficiently with porch railings. Another good thing is that you could paint them anytime. You can even employ aluminum columns in load-bearing as well as non load-bearing applications. Since they are lighter compared with wood, they can be easily transported and installed.


Pre-cast stone columns give your porch an early Roman design. The weight and delicate character of stone will add to the classic look and feel of your abode. You could buy them as one-piece pillars, halves, or simply as sections to cover steel supports. Such a column, nevertheless, is usually high-priced. Setting it up may also require a certain amount of time and effort.


Fiberglass columns are also stylish and efficient. They’ve got a one of a kind look and feel and impact-resistant features. They also come in different forms: round or square, smooth or ridged. Fiberglass is resistant against climate conditions and pests, making them tougher compared with wood. Since they are tough and durable, they go efficiently in places susceptible to high traffic. Such columns can also be very easy to maintain and you may paint it for more design and protection.

Fiberglass columns aren’t just ideal for porches; you may also use them as transition pieces between bedrooms and bathrooms. They’re also stylish inclusions in outdoor spaces like gazebos, pergolas, as well as gardens. You may find fiberglass columns in tapered, non-tapered, and tapered, fluted forms. Most suppliers offer them in different sizes. You could select from a column with a diameter of six inches or maybe a large one measuring 48 inches. Height typically ranges from five to 30 feet.

Regardless of the type of column you should get, an internet dealer can assist you with your practical column buying. Begin looking for a reliable dealer so you can get the very best deal for your money. A supplier selling a wide range of items can help you find the exact column for your household.