Amazing Bathroom Shelf Ideas With Industrial Farmhouse Towel Bar Tips For Buying It 34
Amazing Bathroom Shelf Ideas With Industrial Farmhouse Towel Bar Tips For Buying It 34

35 Amazing Bathroom Shelf Ideas With Industrial Farmhouse Towel Bar Tips For Buying It

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Considered sacred by most women and perhaps some men as well, the bathroom is indeed one place in the house for pampering, relaxing, and beautification. This is where you wash yourself, have a hot shower, and pamper your skin. So why neglect it of style and beauty when it has given you so much?

To make every bathroom time more rewarding and relaxing, you can have it feature trendy interior design as well. Many magazines and TV shows now also emphasize just how stylish the shower room can get.

So for some tips, here are three different interior design moods for your bathroom that you can choose from:

The Modern: Bright Ambiance And Stunning Simplicity

Are you in for some modern touch? If you want simplicity executed in a stunning way, a contemporary bathroom would best fancy your taste. The main characteristics of a modern bathroom include minimalism, space management, brilliant ambiance, and unmatched functionality.

In order to pull off a contemporary bathroom design, go for bright interior painting or white tiles. When selecting materials for bathroom shelf, glass panels would be more desired. Other bathroom accessories such as soap dispensers should have round accents rather than edgy. And do not forget about bright lighting fixtures.

The Classic: Warm Ambiance And Grand Designing

If simplicity does not amaze you and you live on flare and grandiose designs, a classic bathroom would probably fancy your taste best. With classics, there can be more details, intricate designs, and more colors as well.

When going for classical bathrooms, go for earthy colors and warm tones. The light should be less brilliant and can feature tones such as light yellow or saffron glow. As for the materials, wood is preferred but not necessary. You can also add beautiful wall art and wall tapestries for more colors and details.

The Transitional: A Little Bit of Both

Transitional is probably more tricky to pull off. This represents a mix of both styles. How you merge classical and contemporary can create a beautiful balance. However, it is definitely no stuff for the novice. If you are not confident you can pull this off, you can call a professional bathroom interior designer.

For transitional bathrooms, you want to apply the warm ambiance of the classical. This means less brilliance on the lighting. Decorations too can come from the classical. Examples include wall arts and hangings. Now to give it a mix of contemporary accents, add modern materials such as glass for shelves. Make good use of lighting fixtures such as pendant lights and sconces as these can give a modern look too.


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