39 Top Traditional House Design Ideas With Lovely Style

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Basic materials will reinforce the identity of traditional houses. So, people who are interested in establishing a traditional house must be careful in selecting materials. Do not use the materials that obscure the concept of home.

The most important material is wood. Typically, traditional houses use hard wood that has high quality. The examples of hard woods include Borneo wood, Samarinda camphor, and also teak.

You should pay attention to the fact that wood is the main material in a traditional house. Therefore, if you want to build a traditional house, it is better to order the wood directly from its origin place. Take for example, if you want to build a typical house of Java, it is better to use teak from Wonosari.

It would be futile if the high quality material is not worked by skilled hands. For people who want to create a Balinese house, you should consider the use of architects and stylists of the original building in Bali. As the result, the concept of Bali becomes more sharp and vivid.

The design of the room should also be given special attention. It would be better if the wall, for example, remains plain and highlights the red brick to emphasize the ethnic impression. Use hardwood furniture in order to look durable and beautiful. Moreover, the addition of ornaments such as custom carpet, the sculptures of wood carvings, and classical vase can be selected. In this case, you do not need to use the original ornament, as long as the ornament you choose can match the theme of the room.

There is no harm to experiment around windows and doors. Custom ornaments, such as cloth or painting on doors and windows will highlight the natural impression of the room further. But, you should also pay attention to the space in the room. Houses with traditional nuance must look broad. Just store the decoration in the corner of the room and let your decorator furniture in the middle of the house.

Meanwhile, the home garden may contain stone ornaments such as statues or sculptures that are arranged interestingly. Elephant grass is very suitable as a rug in a traditional garden.

The traditional home owners also do not need to look for ethnic furniture. For people who have a limited budget, they can use modern materials, which are then coated with wood materials. For instance: walls of brick can be coated by wood.


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